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Ethnic Festivals, Products, and FUN in the USA!
Welcome Everyone!

Ethnic Festivals, Products, and Fun!

Welcome to! We invite you to enjoy your ethnicity and the cultures of the world.

Festivals lists festivals happening in the USA... with traditional foods, festival music, dancing, entertainment, games for kids, cooking demonstrations, and local art. We do not produce nor manage any of these festivals... So, if you have questions about a particular festival, contact them directly via the website or telephone number included with the listing. If you do not find a particular culture, submit an appropriate festival listing and we will add a section for you.


We have developed a search tool to help you find, bid on, and buy products on eBay. Look for the tool in the navigation bar for each ethnicity. Enter your search terms to find cookbooks, costumes, books, jewelry, dolls, country flags, maps, music, rugs, statues, toys, or whatever else you desire... If you need products for your festival, look for eBay stores that sell in bulk.

FUN! believes that diversity is good and we strive to find the fun in the many ethnicities and cultures around the world. We use the words "Ethnic" and "Ethnicity" loosely, not the dictionary version... as we are here to enjoy life... "don't worry, be happy" as the song goes. For fun, we have posted music, dance, and recipe videos for each culture. Look for videos in the navigation bar for each ethnicity. Use the google translator tool to learn a new language...