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Family is central to Mexican culture and Mexico is home to a wide range of traditional and contemporary art forms, including painting, sculpture, music, dance, and literature. Their foods are known for bold flavors while vibrant colors transverse these dishes, as well as, their homes, and clothing. Mariachi music is one of the most popular forms of Mexican music, along with banda, norteño, and cumbia. Mariachi music can be heard in the USA, and around the world, on Cinco de Mayo on May 5th and Mexican Independence Day on September 16th!

EthnicFun.com lists Mexican festivals, parades, and other events where you may find traditional Mexican foods, festival music, dancing, entertainment, games for kids, cooking demonstrations, and local art.

Check back often for the updated list of 2024 Mexican festivals.

Eat, Dance, and Enjoy the Culture of Mexico!

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May 1 Tucson International Mariachi Conference, Tucson, CA

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