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There are many rich Native American cultures and languages throughout North America. There are over 570 federally recognized tribes in the United States and each tribe has its own unique language, history, traditions, and beliefs. Native Americans typically live in close-knit communities. Elders are honored for their wisdom and experience, and children are taught to respect their elders and to contribute to the community. Pow wows, Sun Dances, sweat lodge ceremonies, storytelling, and basket weaving are some examples of Native American cultural traditions. For now we are listing Native American events on this page. We may expand as the need arises.

EthnicFun.com lists Native American festivals, parades, and other events where you may find traditional Native American foods, festival music, dancing, entertainment, games for kids, cooking demonstrations, and local art.

Check back often for the updated list of 2024 Native American festivals.

Eat, Dance, and Enjoy the Culture of Native America!

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