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2022 Venice Wall Calendar by Bright Day, 12 x 12 Inch, Italy Beautiful Destinati...

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New Years Resolution Stay Organized: Made up of 118 islands and connected by over 400 bridges this beautiful city in Northeastern Italy has been a testament to human ingenuity for centuries. Travel lovers, transport yourself into this historic city and feel the awe and wonder that Venice inspires with our beautiful 12 image calendar. High Quality Goal Setting Planner: 2022 Beautiful Destinations Calendar, Size Closed: 12 x 12 Inch. Opened: 12 x 24 Inch. Does not bleed through! 13 Full Color Images in the 2022 World Travel Calendar! All 2022 European Destinations Calendar photos are hand selected from a wide array of photographers. No compromises are made on image quality or content in our destination calendar. 2022 Scenic Travel calendar. Versatile: A classic square calendar is ideal for creating a custom look in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, home kitchens, your office, at your desk, garage, class room at school, even your she-shed or man cave, den or bar! This calendar runs from September 2022 through December 2022 providing four additional months for planning. (September 2022-December 2022 is an at a glance layout.) Designs: Bright Day offers planners and calendars for walls, desks, and refrigerators! Tons of Designs: Cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies of all breeds! Beautiful National parks, American cities and states, horses, wild life, nature photography and many more! New Year, New YOU: Jumpstart your new year by mapping out your New Year's Resolution in a convenient space you interact with everyday! Accomplish all of your goals and make this year YOUR year.

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