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Frito-Lay Baked and Popped Mix Variety Pack, Pack of 40

Product Details

Ships in Amazon Certified Frustration Free Packaging 40 count box of mindful snacks including family favorites such as oven baked Cheetos, oven baked lay's, oven baked ruffles, and smart food popcorn Ideal for on the go snacking at work or for packing a wholesome lunch when you include a small individual bag of baked chips or popcorn Oven baked snacks have 65 percent less fat than regular potato chips and 50 percent less fat than regular cheese flavored snacks Oven baked Cheetos crunchy, oven baked lay's classic, and smart food white cheddar popcorn are gluten free Our snacks have a short shelf life (60 90 days) so most of our Packages only show the month and day of expiration (e.g. 'Aug 16' means August 16th, Not August 2016); For optimum flavor and Freshness, we recommend the snack be consumed by the date on the Package

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