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Desk Calendar 2022-2023: Monthly Pages 17 x 11-1/2 Inches Runs from January 2022...

Product Details

??Valuable Pack: Desk calendar runs from January 2022 through June 2023 .12 unique themes. Page size 17''%D711.5'' ??Advanced Paper: The 2022 calendar includes 18 sheets of premium GSM paper and a harder shell paper, which make it easy write on and will last a long time. Anti-ink ??Unique Design: All page of the annual calendar has a mini calendar for you to view the date and two black corners keep pages flat. Topics are not repeated in one year. Important holidays have been marked ??More Rational: Every date and month has a spacious layout for you to mark important message, keep track of your schedule, note appointments, monthly plan and jot down to-dos ??Easy to Use: 2 holes had been punched make it easily to hang the practical calendar on the refrigerator, wall or other places you like and still keep it flat. It%92s also very nice to use on a desk

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