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Learn Spanish Numbers 1 to 20

Pronunciation of Spanish Numbers

Are you wondering how to learn the Spanish numbers system? Memorize the numbers from 1 to 20 and multiples of 10 up to 100 in the Spanish language below, with pronunciations in English. Then, take the quiz.

Spanish Numbers 1-10

  • One: Uno (pronounced: OO-no)
  • Two: Dos (pronounced: Dose)
  • Three: Tres (pronounced: Tress)
  • Four: Cuatro (pronounced: KWAH-tro)
  • Five: Cinco (pronounced: SEEN-ko)
  • Six: Seis (pronounced: SAISS)
  • Seven: Siete (pronounced: SYE-te)
  • Eight: Ocho (pronounced: OO-cho)
  • Nine: Nueve (pronounced: NWAI-be)
  • Ten: Diez (pronounced: Dyess)

Spanish Language

Spanish Numbers 11-20

Multiples of 10 after 20

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