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Learn the Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish alphabet (alfabeto) was originally adapted from Latin in the 13th to 16th centuries and has 27 letters. A (a) is the first letter and Z (zeta) is the last letter of the alphabet. Want to know how to learn the Spanish Alphabet fast? Memorize the 27 characters below, then take the quiz.

A to Zeta

  • Α a: A 1st letter
  • B b: Be 2nd letter
  • C c: Ce 3rd letter
  • D d: De 4th letter
  • E e: E 5th letter
  • F f: Efe 6th letter
  • G g: Ge 7th letter
  • H h: Hache 8th letter
  • I i: I 9th letter
  • J j: Jota 10th letter
  • K k: Ka 11th letter
  • L l: Ele 12th letter
  • M m: Eme 13th letter
  • N n: Ene 14th letter
  • Ñ ñ: Eñe 15th letter
  • O o: O 16th letter
  • P p: Pe 17th letter
  • Q q: Cu 18th letter
  • R r: Erre 19th letter
  • S s: Ese 20th letter
  • T t: Te 21st letter
  • U u: U 22nd letter
  • V v: Ve 23rd letter
  • W w: Doble Ve 24th letter
  • X x: Equis 25th letter
  • Y y: I Griega 26th letter
  • Z z: Zeta 27th letter

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